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June 18, 2022

Debut Aussie brand Get Plant’d launched into Coles last month with an exciting new range of meat alternatives.

Made from versatile plant-based ingredients such as seitan (from wheat) and textured soy protein (from soybeans), the range includes meat free deli slices, bacon, duck, pork and chicken – all 100 percent vegan, but designed to “cook, smell, and taste like their traditional counterparts,” according to the brand’s co-founder Cale Drouin.

Cale is a Brisbane-based restaurateur and food creator with more than a decade’s experience in the plant-based sector. “We’re extremely excited to offer Coles shoppers a fresh selection of plant-based meats,” he said. “Our goal is to make it simple for shoppers to pick-up a plant-based meat, and to enjoy this product as part of their favourite meals or snacks.”

Here’s what our eager samplers had to say!

Nourish Digital Editor Cathy tried the Meat Free Roast Duck and Deli-Style Pepperoni:

“The first sample we cracked into were the pepperoni slices, which I used as a topping for one of my famous weeknight pizzas. The slices are a generous size so I tore them up to scatter on just before baking. They went down a treat, imparting a savoury, salty and satisfying hit.

“Next up was the meat free duck, which brought my partner’s delicious homemade pho to the next level. He sliced it up and sautéd it along with the veggies at the beginning before adding the broth, tofu, noodles and quick-cooking greens at the end. The result was an extra-filling bowl of goodness that’s guaranteed be on repeat this winter!”

Nourish Art Director Alicia tried the Meat Free Roast Chicken Fillets:

“As a passionate fitness enthusiast, I’m always on the look out for clean protein options for my weekly meal prep. Plant’d’s Meat Free Roast Chicken Fillets are a game-changer. With minimal (but tasty!) ingredients and an impressive 20.2g of protein per serve, I feel satiated, plant-powered, and empowered to tackle my day the strong gal way!”

Nourish Editorial Coordinator Sarah tried the Meat Free Roast Pork and Deli-Style Pepperoni:

“Inspired by the meat-free roast pork packaging, I decided to slice and fry these pieces up and try them sang choy bow-style! I certainly had no regrets. After firing up the wok and adding some spring onion and garlic, I could tell it was going to taste amazing just by the tantalising smell alone. Sure enough, these were full of juicy succulence! Cooking was super quick and easy too, so I’ll be serving these up again in no time.

“I also tried the pepperoni slices on a classic toastie, along with some vegan cheese, sliced tomato, and pepper to top. Reminiscent of traditional pepperoni, these deli slices were chewy, smoky, and salty – just delicious!”


Get Plant’d products are available from Coles supermarkets nationally.

Images: Get Plant’d

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