Global nutrition experts team up to offer the ultimate plant-based masterclass

January 13, 2022

A brand new free online course is set to provide lifesaving nutrition information and tools for participants around the world.

The One Healthy World program launches this week, offering a completely free masterclass in how to go plant-based – whether for health, the environment, animals, or a combination of reasons. 

A transformational doctor-led program

As the new year begins, the free, six-week online nutrition and cooking class series will help participants from around the world meet their health and lifestyle goals in 2022.

The course will cover topics ranging from heart health and weight loss to meal planning and dining out. Sessions will encompass cooking demonstrations, panel discussions, inspiring testimonials, and responses to comments and questions.

The series is led by US nonprofit health organisation, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, and is modelled on recent Physicians Committee nutrition programs that have helped participants transform their health.

“We know that a plant-based diet – paired with our proven learning format and lots of support – can dramatically improve class participants’ health in a matter of weeks,” says Physicians Committee Director of Preventive Medicine Josh Cullimore, MD, MPH. 

Getting healthy together

The program will be delivered by expert presenters from multiple countries, making it accessible in English, French, Mandarin, Spanish, and a special English language program for the Indian subcontinent. Participants can join live via Zoom, access web-based resources, and watch recordings on demand in the languages of their choice.

Whether your goal is to improve blood sugar, control blood pressure and cholesterol, sustain a healthy weight, optimise fitness, or simply expand your repertoire of healthy and delicious recipes, this program will provide the tools you need, together with a community of other participants with similar goals.

Dr Cullimore is looking forward to welcoming participants who might have heard about the transformative potential of a healthy vegan diet, but weren’t sure how to get started. He also notes that the program will provide new tools, information and inspiration for people already on the plant-based path.


Presenters include doctors, dietitians, chefs, food experts, and people who have transformed their own health with a vegan diet. In the video above, several of the experts share what participants can expect from the One Healthy World program.

One Health

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, lifestyle medicine experts such as Dr Cullimore emphasise the role of plant-based diets, both to help address the chronic diseases that make people most vulnerable to the virus, and also to prevent the next pandemic

“One of the lessons of the pandemic is that human, animal, and planetary health are all interconnected,” he says. “A plant-based lifestyle reduces our environmental footprint and protects animals from exploitation, in turn dramatically reducing the risk of new zoonotic diseases, which jump from wild or farmed animals to humans”. 

Australian presenter Dr Heleen Roex from Doctors For Nutrition agrees. “There’s never been a more critical time to focus on our health, both here in Australia, and as a global community – not only to protect ourselves during the acute threat of the current pandemic, but to create a healthier planet for all.”


The One Healthy World class series launches on 14 January 2022 at 8am AEDT, with recordings available on demand the day after each class. Sign up at


Image: Courtesy of PCRM

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